2020 has been surreal. We are in uncharted waters in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It has disrupted the normal functioning of business and society as we know it and reminded us that humans are not invincible.

The most worrisome aspect of the scaling pandemic at this time: 09:28, 25 March 2020 is not so much what has happened but what is yet to happen. When we run the numbers and speed of the spread, we can’t help but be concerned about its possible impact on developing countries where the number of confirmed cases are low but testing has not been done on a large number of the population who are still going about their daily businesses in contact with others. 

As a leader in any sphere, this is not the time to be weak, passive or unresponsive. Due to the global, destructive spread and impact of coronavirus, we may not be able to project sales or revenue this quarter or year, but we can make and take proactive decisions to protect everyone under our care and get involved in protecting the communities we operate in and out of. 

This is a time to put health before profit, adhere to World Health recommendations and lead with empathy and attention.

Week of Saturdays

Fortunately for us at Week Of Saturdays, our freelance work lifestyle means that we are used to working remotely and producing results while being socially distant. We are flexible enough to be resilient and hopeful that we pass through this period unscathed. 

We advise all freelancers to maintain communication with clients, follow up on payments, reconsider their services in the light of current happenings and draw closer to a community of other freelancers. Here are our top two recommendations: Week of Saturdays and Leapers. We are members of both.

Week of Saturdays remains active during COVID-19. We will continue to provide services at an unaffected standard and welcome new pro freelancers and remote workers into our network.

Our Freelancer Community And Services

As freelancers ourselves and managers of other freelancers, we know the various ways this outbreak can harm the flow of work to unprotected freelancers all over the world. 

We are concerned but firm. We are glad to have a growing community of engaged, supportive and talented individuals who are willing, available and eager to share their stories and ensure the continuity of our services. We will continue to maintain the standard of service you are used to while taking all precautionary measures to keep safe. 

Our Stream Of Relevant Content And Resources

There will be no interruptions in the way we provide resources. Our social media pages will continue to run and blog posts that answer “freelance career and remote work” questions will be published as usual. 

Remember that you can join our social space and submit guest posts to share your story or build your writing portfolio.


These are unprecedented times. We do not yet know the extent of the impact of the coronavirus spread. The weeks and months ahead may be tougher than what we have been through. 

We urge everyone, especially leaders in various spheres to stay informed on COVID-19, identify ways in their operational regions and communities to get involved, and provide value and support to the people under their care during this period. 

If you have questions regarding our services or community, you can reach us here. 

 Stay safe, friends and partners. 

– Kelechi Udoagwu for Week of Saturdays

Feature photo via Unsplash.

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