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Become a Week of Saturdays contributor! Guidelines below.

How To Submit Guest Posts To Week Of Saturdays

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Week of Saturdays! We appreciate you already and will review your submission within two weeks.

Week of Saturdays is a platform and community for smart, young African freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, remote workers, and professionals-in-transition.

We guide each other through the evolving global economy by distilling what skills are relevant, what digital tools are useful, and what lifestyle, mindset and communication shifts are needed to reach new levels in our work and lives.

Our mission is simple: we create to inform, educate and empower our readers and clients to improve their reality by using new information, technologies, mind shifts, and connections. 

The Blog

These are topics we receive guest posts (art or writing) on

  1. Personal essays and blog posts on experiences, opinions, epiphanies or humor relating to working as a freelancer, remote worker or solo entrepreneur in Africa
  2. Stories about switching from (or to) traditional 9-5 jobs, from local to global teams (and vice versa), from full-time to independent work, and the enlightenment that came with these experiences
  3. Career advice, tips, and resources relating to learning new information, handling the modern-day workplace, and using digital tools and apps
  4. Lifestyle, mindset shifts or communication styles that have improved your career

We hope you find a creative outlet, learning space, and community of friends with Week of Saturdays! We look forward to receiving your first guest post.

To Get Started

Email editor@weekofsaturdays.com with the subject line: Guest Post: <Title of your post>.

Send in the complete, well-edited and ready-to-publish piece (blog post, comic or art) in the body of the email, underneath your message to the editor. Also attach it as a Word Docx or send as a Google Docs link.

Submission and Formatting

Whether your submission is writing, comics or art, please send it via a Google docs link (most, preferable) to ensure review.

For writers, please work in the following format:

  • font type: Arial
  • font size: 11
  • line spacing: 1.5

For artists, send in the most-ready to use or republish version of your work.

Additional information

  • We encourage writers to research widely, write in personal, relatable tones, and avoid plagiarism. We want to hear your voice and share your story, not someone else’s
  • We may edit your work to ensure a clean finish
  • Attach images for the submission, and include attribution for all data, images, and statistics used
  • Attach a short author bio and headshot photo