popular freelance platforms in 2020

10 Popular Freelance Websites And their Fees

If you are considering starting a freelance career to tide you over during this unfortunate COVID-19 crisis, here is information you need to know about the payment structure of some of the most popular freelance platforms today.

We personally have experience with Upwork, and have made thousands of dollars on the platform through freelance writing.

In March alone, we raked in $1,450 from writing six blog posts only, and we weren’t even aggressively applying to jobs like we could have.

Due to demand from our network of Week of Saturdays freelancers who want to get on the Upwork platform but haven’t been successful, we are considering setting up an agency on Upwork so we can open access to more quality African freelancers who are unable to get on the platform. 

If you are reading this and interested in creating a profile on Upwork for more earning opportunities, let us know in the comments below or contact us as usual.

We hope you are all staying safe, home and socially distant until the COVID-19 pandemic passes over. 

We wish you all the best in your freelance career journey!


Freelance Websites And their Fees
Freelance Websites And their Fees – 2020

Want to know about more popular freelancing platform alternatives? Check out our 2019 post on 19 online sites to get your first remote job.

Are you an newbie African freelancer struggling with getting a freelance career started? Do not hesitate; you can contact us now.


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