Why Every Freelancer Needs a Lesson on Negotiation

We often assume that negotiation is all about getting our way; a way of manipulating others to get what we want. In reality, negotiation is about how to get along with people. Negotiation is actually something we do every day, sometimes without realizing it. Be it trying to convince a client about the value of […]

Podcast - Q&A

Beating Isolation as a Freelancer

One of the perks of being a freelancer is the flexibility of working from home. This perk can, however, turn around to become a huge problem. For me, in the beginning, working alone was quite satisfying. I felt empowered by the possibilities of making decisions without consulting a boss or colleague. I set my work […]

Ready For Work Sessions with SFAN

It was a pleasure to teach the Content-Writing Session at the ReadyForWork Career Accelerator last Saturday, 28 September 2018. The students were indeed ReadyToLearn, and had great questions and a collaborative team spirit. SFAN was an excellent host, and the other moderators and teachers had so much to share, we, at Week of Saturdays, became […]

Nigerian tech twitter outraged by new SARS assault

Yesterday, Toni Astro, a young software developer in Lagos, shared a twitter thread about his unfortunate, undeserved experience with the Nigeria Police.  View full thread. Nigeria’s Police department, special anti-robbery squad (SARS) has long been a pain – brute, oppressive, authorized gang of thieves – to the young, hardworking tech professionals in the country, especially the young […]