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After six years as a top-rated freelance writer, startup founder and technology communications strategist and professional, Kelechi Udoagwu launched Week of Saturdays, a platform and community for freelancers living in Africa to learn, grow and diversify their income by using existing skills with new technologies to create confluences of opportunities and a more fulfilling life.

Week of Saturdays also connects businesses to freelancers who can provide specific solutions quickly. Brand and business communications, content creation, technology and events support are our core freelancer services.

Our community is made up of varying levels of experienced freelancers: entry, mid-level and expert. The experts are certified professionals with day jobs, and entry and mid-level are recent graduates and underemployed professionals who are available to lend their expertise to help YOU achieve business goals. Learn more about how our freelancers work with businesses.


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"Our mission is to reduce unemployment in Africa by training, supporting and connecting underemployed adults to businesses and entrepreneurs who need them."
Kelechi Udoagwu
Founder, Week of Saturdays

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