From a global pandemic to police brutality and leadership crisis in many countries, 2020 is like a blockbuster whose surprises never stop coming. Even though the year has been a tough pill for many of us to swallow, if you look within you may discover you have a lot to be grateful for – even if “just” the gift of life or family, shelter, and community. 

Thus, at Week of Saturdays, we consider it an amazing time of the year, and a good time to pause, reflect on 2020, and plan for 2021. 

For this reason, we’ll begin a new Don’t Break the Streak writing sprint to capture the End of Year growth, keep writing skills active, and document plans for the new year on December 1, 2020, until December 26, 2020.

The task is simple: Every day for the first four weeks in December, before bed at night or early in the morning, you will write no less than 300 words based on the chosen themes for the four weeks in December:

  • Week 1: You write about your reflections on all that 2020 brought
  • Week 2: You write about your most memorable experiences in 2020
  • Week 3: You write about all you’re grateful for in 2020
  • Week 4: You now look forward and write about your hopes and goals for 2021

The goal of this challenge is to get used to writing clearly about what’s on your mind and help you to end the year on a mindful and strong note. You don’t have to worry about creating exceptional articles but they must be clear, clean, and maintain your main train of thought.

Simply mark the days when you complete your writing goal with an ‘X.’ The accumulation of a chain of these X’s called Streaks, will drive you to keep learning, stay positive, work the writing muscles, and plan for the new year. It is a straightforward concept that works wonders for those who commit to writing. 

So are you serious about honing your writing still and ending this year with clear goals? Join us on 1 December 2020 and Don’t Break your Streak!

Don't break the streak [December]
Closing the year with 26 days of writing!

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