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4 Simple Ways to Transform Your Unfinished Drafts to High-Quality Content

When you first got your new story idea, you probably imagined that the moment you got your hands on a keyboard, you would hit those innocent keys until you completed the perfect article. You probably couldn’t wait to transform your ideas into black and white and share them with the world. 

But months have passed, and all you have now is yet another unfinished draft. Oops. 

“What am I going to do with these?” You may ask yourself often. “Am I a bad writer?”

If this describes a scenario you have been through, read on to discover the 4 simple ways to harness your unfinished drafts and transform them into high-quality content

1. Merge several old drafts into a new single post

More often than not, we, writers fixate and write on specific themes for a while. As such, you may have several drafts all exploring the same idea. 

If a new writing project falls within a theme you have previously explored in old and forgotten drafts, you can work smartly by combining all of them into one new single post. 

Sometimes, you’ll find that a few edits is all that is needed. On other occasions, you might completely rewrite some drafts before combining them. 

Whatever the case, merging old drafts helps you to use the old drafts already written, and to start with a lot of ideas for your new writing project. Win-win.

2. Turn them into a series 

Another easy way to transform your unfinished drafts into high-quality content is to transform them into a series. 

To achieve this, look for a factor that makes your unfinished drafts similar, emphasize their connection, and turn them into an ongoing series. 

Understanding how your mind and writing connect, not only helps you create high-quality content, it also reveals to you how you think, what you value, and even where your creativity may be moving towards.

Turning your old drafts into a series – published or personal – helps you clear your mind and get better at writing.   

3. Learn from them

Before you discard your uncompleted pieces, you can look within and ask yourself, “Why didn’t I finish this article in the first place?”

When you do this, you realize what your writing blocks are. Did you run out of ideas? Did you get bored? Did you realize it was a difficult subject? Or that you didn’t know much about the topic? 

Whatever it is. You can examine your recurring patterns and notice where your interest begins to dwindle. If you see yourself always stopping short at a particular point, you can read about ways to solve this hurdle and improve your writing to create more high-quality content. 

You want to learn to overcome these loopholes and stop these patterns from repeating itself.

4. Give your work time 

Sometimes, all an old draft needs is a bit of time and space between you two. Just like any lasting relationship 🙂

If you find yourself feeling frustrated with a draft you are currently working on, distract yourself with other tasks, and give it time.

It is okay to break up with your uncompleted drafts for a while, miss them, and then come back to them

Taking a break provides you with perspective and fresh energy to come back and make your old drafts into useful high-quality content.

Are you a writer with lots of unfinished drafts and the guilt of never getting your writing done as you imagined?

Try one of these 4 tips with your old drafts and let us know how it goes!

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