Remote jobs and the gig economy is gradually taking over work culture. At Week of Saturdays, we think this is a great thing, especially as a means to tackle unemployment because employers hire only conventional degree holders. 

Experts predict that by 2020 50% of jobs are expected to be short-term or contract work. So if there is a growing demand for skills you have or can learn in time, the best use of your time now is to make time to hone those skills to retain your value in today’s changing economy. 

Being a freelancer is a good way of turning your hobby into income; however, it isn’t easy to find good freelance jobs that pay well and help you grow.

Most people look down on freelance sites, but in the beginning when you have no other options or referrals, they are very good platforms to start from. 

Below are a list of 35 websites that contain a variety of digital jobs ranging from marketing, writing, web design and development, tech consulting, data analysis, photography, travel and remote work opportunities.

We wish you all the best as you begin your search to find the platforms that work best for you. 

We, at Week of Saturdays, highly recommend Toptal, Upwork and We Work Remotely.

1. Toptal

If you are a highly-skilled freelancer who is used to working on critical projects, then Toptal is the freelance platform for you. This platform connects freelance professionals with businesses looking to work with top talent. There is a trial period of a  maximum of two weeks for freelancers to learn the ropes of the job. This helps determine whether or not you can work on any project.

2. Upwork

Upwork is the final result of two major freelance platforms merging. oDesk and Elance merged to create a large marketplace of over 12 million freelancers and 5 million client listings. It is beginner friendly and offers tools to start your freelance journey.

3. We Work Remotely

With over 2.5m monthly visitors, We Work Remotely is  one of the most credible sources for remote work. They send out a daily newsletter which saves you time visiting the website but still getting quality leads,

4. Fiverr

Fiverr is a free global online marketplace where every job starts at $5 hence its name. The various services have been grouped into different categories and can also be accessed by using the search engine and filters. Freelancers get the opportunity to showcase their portfolios for potential clients to get to choose from a wide range of options.

5. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour has a number of  useful features including in-app messaging, proposal viewing, account management and invoicing. Buyers are required to make a down payment before the freelancer starts working on a project. This action saves the freelancer the stress of not getting paid on time and also protects the buyer from the possibility of the freelancer not meeting the job specifications.

6. CareerBuilder

Careerbuilder gives you the chance to search for multiple freelance jobs at the same time. You can also post up to five different resumes during the process of looking for clients.

7. Envato

Envato is a platform built for creatives, developers and designers to sell their services. It is simple to use and easier to find clients looking to buy your services. Envato Studio also helps you search and pick clients of your choice. All it takes is to sign up, upload your professional information and you are all set.

8. DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd is an online design marketplace that connects businesses with designers from all over the world. A buyer looking to work with a designer posts a design contest allowing over 50 different artists to submit their work for shortlisting. DesignCrowd guarantees that design professionals are paid on time with a system supporting a variety of payment methods.

9. links businesses and freelancers in a single location. Freelancers can use the platform to bid on projects such as data entry, writing, marketing, software development, etc. The subscription plan comes in monthly, and annual packages.

10. Guru

Guru offers a hassle-free way of finding jobs on the platform. Sign up and be part of 3 million freelancers showcasing their experiences to potential clients.

11. Dribbble

Dribbble’s website hosts designers and creatives around the globe to work on compelling projects.  Sign up here to kick start your freelance journey

12. Freelance Writing Gigs

New jobs are updated on the platform each day advertising writing jobs on various topics. It is a great source for writers to try their hands on topics outside their niche.

13. Remotive

Remotive is a free platform where freelancers can search through different job categories. Job hunting has been made easy as the platform comes with a search engine that makes it simple to see when a job was posted, it’s location and  what specialty it falls under.

14. 99Designs

This platform is popular for its global reach and flexibility. Freelancers get the chance to compete in design contests to showcase their skills to interested clients. The website also provides resources and tips on how professionals could improve their craft.

15. Workew

Workew is perfect for people who seek to work remotely and it is absolutely free. You can find remote jobs for a long term with a stable salary.

16. Aquent

Aquent is an award winning freelancing firm known for delivering high-quality workers for digital, marketing and creative purposes. Although they mostly accept people with 2 years experience, inexperienced people are welcome to explore their jobs.

17. Crowdspring

Crowdspring is an online platform for crowdsourced creative services. The platform has been designed to target creatives looking to work on great projects. 

18. Github

Github couples as a social networking site for and a freelancer market for programmers. Clients look for developers to hop into their project by adding price tags to the project and wait for developers to reach out to negotiate. And developers get paid only when the client approves the work. Github can be a good place to start a freelance career as a developer.

19. Outsourcely 

Outsourcely is a free platform that connects businesses with remote workers around the world.  Job seekers on the platform can opt to work part-time or full-time.

After signing up to a few of these platforms (1 – 2, to start), you will begin the tough journey of building your reputation and gaining real life experience.

A good reputation means good reviews, and good reviews means new and recurring clients, and consistent projects.

Give yourself a shot at an intentionally designed life as a creative and professional. And let’s know what platforms work best for you!

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