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Going back and forth with clients via email threads before finally agreeing on a convenient meeting time is so 2005. Thankfully, Calendly is a calendar setting app that solves scheduling issues. 

The Nigerian-owned software company operates on a freemium model. The paid plan costs $96 per year. Calendly allows you to show available dates on your calendar. When you share your link, recipients, such as potential clients, can go through the available times and select their preferences. 

I’m a freelancer, how can Calendly help me?

When building a career as a freelancer, getting rid of administrative work is critical to growth. With more than enough on your plate, Calendly removes the burden of scheduling meetings. 

When you use Calendly as a freelancer, you can focus on building your freelance business and developing lasting client relationships. 

Calendly helps you cut down unnecessary email traffic by automating your appointments schedules and never having to miss a meeting again. 


  • Allows the receipt of upfront payment. With the help of Calendly’s Stripe integration, clients can efficiently send payments as they schedule meetings or book appointments. This reduces the chances of missed sessions and wasted time. 
  • Increased efficiency. Calendly’s automation of tasks such as email set-up and extra times with buffers allow you to accomplish more. 
  • Improved client experience and retention. Calendly enables you to enhance client satisfaction by providing them with the flexibility to schedule instantly. Also, the automatic time zone detection feature prevents chances of miscommunication between you and your client.


  • It is limited for free users. 
  • Setting schedules can be quite burdensome as it involves lots of clicks. 
  • Although there are helpful integrations on Calendly, its direct integration with third-party apps is quite limited.

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