Companies across the world are beginning to outsource aspects of their business to distributed teams of remote workers. This is increasing the number of freelance jobs in general.

Highly innovative, coordinated and effective, these companies focus on their core business of serving their customers, and bring on freelancers, consultants and contractors to handle non-core and/or non-recurring parts of their business.

Below are 25 of the most sought-after freelance jobs, in no particular order:


1. Graphic Designers and Illustrators

Companies are always on the lookout for creative, fresh and skilled visual communicators. Freelance graphic designers and illustrators can get to work on posters – animated and static, infographics, banners, brochures, and other designs depending on their clients needs.

2. Content Writers and Editors 

Companies look for individuals who are great with words to fill in freelance jobs! As a freelance wordsmith, you can choose to niche in writing, editing, proofreading, and other content needs to creatively convey messages. You can write as a ghostwriter, under a pen name, and contribute to relevant magazines and blogs to raise your fees. 

3. Business Plan and Proposal Writers 

Many startups and entrepreneurs look for skilled business plan and proposal writers. Individuals with this skill are invaluable, as they save clients time, and also help them think through various aspects of their business. This is a lucrative niche you can focus on if you have the skills.

4. Web Developers

Freelance web developers support entrepreneurs and organisations to conceptualize, build and manage websites, web applications and platforms to reach the company’s goals. If great at their job, most times, freelance developers can transition into remote employees.

5. Mobile Developers

Experienced mobile developers are in great demand by organizations across the world — schools, banks, hospitals — everyone needs (wants) an app now, to engage easier with their target market. We highly recommend learning either iOS or Android development if you’re looking into learning to code.

6. Frontend Developers

Frontend developers are web developers that focus on the front-facing parts of a website or web application. It is not to be confused with web design, which is simply the way a web app looks. Frontend development is how design gets implemented on the web.  Many front-end developers are skilled in User Interface (UI) which is integral for the overall outlook on an online platform, and companies gobble up developers with this crucial skill.

7. Project Managers

Many companies run various projects simultaneously and may not always have in-house staff to manage them all. However, they are look for project managers to work freelance jobs.

These companies hire skilled project managers who are skilled in agile development and remote team management techniques. Freelance project managers must be organized, competent, up-to-date on relevant tools, and honest.

8. Product Managers

Product managers are the bridge between the technology, design and business development teams in companies. They are expected to understand the language of the various departments, and ensure that they are working cohesively to achieve the company’s goals. If you have what it takes to foster innovation, communicate vision, and create products that thrive in the open market, you would make an excellent product manager.

9. Sales and Marketing Representatives

Your ability to research on buyer persona, understand their problem, empathize with their needs, and convince clients to see the benefits of dealing with the companies you represent, you will never go broke as ALL companies are open to hiring killer marketing and sales representatives. This is one of the most in-demand freelance jobs.

10. WordPress Developers and Webmasters 

WordPress powers 34% of all the websites on the Internet, both of big and small companies. Developers who specialize in WordPress development are always in demand, especially with small business owners (who may be around you!) with little tech know-how. This makes WordPress another high demand freelance job. As far as web development goes, WordPress is easy to learn, and can be your foot into the tech space as a freelancer. 

11. Photographers and Creative Directors

In this media-driven age, almost every company and entrepreneur are media houses on their own. Quality photographers and creative directors are needed to set up and capture the essence of company’s culture to boost social engagement with their target audiences. 

12. Social Media Managers

Skilled social media managers are becoming some of the most sought-after professionals the world over. One who can analyze trends, use data over time, and leverage trending topics in a positive way will never be out of a job in this economy. Great thing is you do not need a certificate to become a great social media manager.

If you can show results of your past work and engagement, you will have high-paying clients knocking at your door. Social media has become a key marketing tool for any serious company in these times, but it is also time-consuming, and most companies need social media managers badly. The number of freelance jobs in the social media sphere is increasing more than ever before.

13. Virtual Assistants 

A good virtual assistant is a life saver to most company executives and solo entrepreneurs. A virtual assistant provides a myriad of services to entrepreneurs and businesses from a remote location. From digital marketing tasks, scheduling appointments and managing events to personal errands. Knowledge of digital tools especially G Suite i.e. Google Drive, Docs, Calendar, etc, is very much needed for roles like this. So you may not be tech-savvy but you must be quick to learn and adapt. 

14. Customer Service or Support Staff

Many organizations outsource their customer service and call centre jobs to other companies that are designed to cater to these needs. But others outsource to freelancers who eventually become remote employees of the team, and can rotate shifts easily because most of the team are in different time zones. Out of work and in need of a quick gig? Customer service and support roles may be a good place to start.

15. Finance Experts 

Uurgh! Finances. This is a tough part of business for most new entrepreneurs. In-depth knowledge of your local financial market, the global landscape, and long-term financial management tactics is a skill that will get you hired for freelance roles on sites like Toptal and Upwork. You may not even have to bid for jobs. If your profile is great, you’ll have invites in your inbox.

16. iOS Developers

As more companies adopt a mobile-first approach, iOS developers who build apps for Apple devices are in high demand, with talent shortages leading to large salaries for many of those in the field. iOS developers build, test, and refine applications that are consistent with the goals and standards of their company or client.

17. UI/UX Designers 

UI/UX designers work on the look, layout and entire experience of a product. They must be able to see the product from the customer’s perspective, empathize with their needs, and infuse the product with all of it. These designers ensures a product makes sense to the user by creating a path that logically flows from one step to the next. A good freelance UI/UX designer must start with detailed research into the targeted users’ habits to develop understanding of their needs, define interaction models, design wireframes, and build prototypes.

18. Transcription 

This is a simple but time-consuming job of transcribing audio content into written versions. Most companies hire freelance transcribers to convert their podcasts and other content into Show Notes and Summaries, or sometimes, they want it transcribed verbatim. Whatever the client needs, it’s wise to make sure you understand their needs properly before jumping in. The number of companies needing requirements is increasing by the day, thereby, making transcription a most-sought-after freelance role. 

19. Translation 

Where are all our bilingual and multilingual folks? This is a very easy way for you to make extra income without breaking a sweat. Translating written work is an in-demand freelance role, and if you speak multile languages, there is absolutely no reason to sign up on some job boards, complete your profile and check in for some side jobs once in a while. 

20. Logo Design 

The ability to create a visual representation of what a company stands for is a good skill to make a few bucks on the side. Logo designers should have in-depth knowledge of Photoshop and mock-up tools to build creative and beautiful logos clients are satisfied with, and thus refer you to others.

21. Teaching/Tutoring

Transfer of knowledge is as old as time itself. Individuals with passion for teaching can have a good thing going on the side as teaching is another most-sought after freelance role. Companies hire freelancers to create how-to video content about their products. Someone with a natural instinct to teach can do this amazingly well. Language teaching, and other niche teaching opportunities come up often. If you are taking the tentative step into freelancing, teaching/tutoring is. a very good place to start.  More money for you if you can design curriculums.

22. Video Editing 

Ranging from videos to boost social media engagement, video coverage for company events and video product tutorials blogs, video editing is an integral part of any successful media campaign. Skilled video editors with access to good editing  tools can easily find work with brands and companies to produce compelling videos.

23. Accounting and Book-keeping 

Accurate accounting, book-keeping and payroll services are important for the successful operation of every company. Companies often outsource this because they cannot afford to hire in-house staff or do not need permanent staff because of their small financial requirements. Either way, if you like working with numbers, consider starting a small freelance accounting and book-keeping practice or create a profile on freelance job boards like Toptal and Upwork.

24. E-commerce Website Management

E-commerce and online trading has come to stay. This has led to more freelance roles in the domain. New online entrepreneurs often start with selling products but do not have the expertise or time to run the backend of. these online shops. You can be their virtual shop manager: updating inventory, engaging with clients, tracking stock and other tasks related to selling as a business, and working with online tools. 

25. Financial Modelling 

This is the ability to build an abstract representation of a real world financial situation. There are many types of financial models with a wide range of uses include: making business decisions at a company, making investments in a private or public company, pricing securities, or undergoing a corporate transaction such as a merger, acquisition, divestiture, or capital raise. Freelancers and consultants with this expertise are gold – always in demand. 

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