Welcoming the Holidays 1 Welcoming the Holidays welcoming the holidays

Welcoming the Holidays

As November draws to a close, we, at Week of Saturdays, are welcoming the holidays early. For us, this week is about celebration, reflections, appreciation, and a flood of positive affirmations, which we’ll carry on through December. 

Tomorrow, our team begins a month-long digital hiatus while still serving our clients and maintaining in-community activities like the Don’t Break the Streak challenge [December Sprint]

It has been an insane year, no hyperbole; we’re convinced that everyone worldwide can attest to a level of upending in their lives. From the sudden global health crisis to enforced social distancing, limited travel, and political unrest, most of us have been stretched to our limits. But here we are. We’ve made it to the end of the most survival-esque year ever… Almost.


Amid the chaos of 2020, Week of Saturdays got a few things right. We kicked off activities for our writers, including two Don’t Break the Streak challenges and a Virtual Chat. We produced our first two Guides: Every Question About Freelancing Answered and the 2020 Freelance-Writing Landscape report. We compiled a list of Twitter accounts for writers to follow and a slew of insightful resources and inspirational interviews. We also doubled down on our social media game, leading to a remarkable increase in our following across channels and  leading to referrals like this:

Welcoming the Holidays 2 Welcoming the Holidays welcoming the holidays

Our initial focus on creating helpful resources and building up the writers’ community led to remarkable improvement in our Client portfolio. At a point, we had one say to us: “Who is paying you here? Us or them?” 🙂


While we’ll always prioritize the growth of our writers, we’re efficiently moving more resources towards serving clients better in 2021. 

This year, we’ve worked and are currently working with remarkable industry leaders in Agriculture, Energy, Engineering, Remote Work, and Venture Capital. We’re also working with a few individuals who are starting exciting, personal projects. 

Through it all, we’ve learned how words connect us all, yet fall short in the moments when we need them the most.

We’ve also learned that having a voice is overrated when fighting against suppressive powers with louder voices but these have only fuelled our passion to keep building, iterating, growing, writing until we become a sustainable force for good. 

Most importantly, we learned that we can’t do “it” all on our own. At different times throughout this year, we were at our wits’ end until someone kind stepped in and helped us move forward again. We are thankful to everyone … you know yourselves … who held us up, who helped us survive. Thank you. 

Today, as we go off on our mini-retreat, we leave you with our top two lessons from 2020 summarized into quotes:

  1. To take a situation where everything seems to be absolutely fucked and make it good is the point of life.


  2. You mustn’t recoup your losses the same way you lost them.

Welcoming the Holidays 4 Welcoming the Holidays welcoming the holidays

2020 is/was hard. You may still be reeling from it. It may have made you act out of character or ruined every progressive plan you made. There is nothing we can do about everything that happened, but it’s on us to take the absolutely fucked situations and make them better. Turn our wounds into beauty scars. It’s on us to let past hurts and losses go and think boldly for the future. This is what the Week of Saturdays team will be doing this December.

We wish you Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas, with the hope that the end of 2020 brings clarity, peace, and joy your way. 

Until we’re back on the blog and social media in January 2021, stay safe and stay well! If you need to reach us, we’ve got you still – please send an email to hello@weekofsaturdays.com.

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