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The Three Letter Word Activity I Used to Hate

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It is funny how you find yourself doing things you once hated as a kid or young teen as an adult.

Isn’t everyone guilty? We thought we would never corrupt those principles, “God forbid!” we used to say in our high pitchy voices whenever our friends suggested doing something mum and dad would disapprove. Some of these principles, sometimes as ridiculous as not receiving gifts from strangers.

Years away from our childhood, look at us now. Most of us broke almost every principle we used to hold dear in the university or even high school. Did young you see adult you kissing, partying, or having sex before marriage?

What about not receiving gifts from strangers? That principle changed quickly, didn’t it? Imagine receiving a million dollars from a stranger today; I doubt most sane adults will reject it. When the ‘god of anon’ blesses you, what can a struggling adult do?

However, this piece isn’t about struggle or millions. It’s about a three-word activity I used to hate, which doesn’t relate to a moral code or anything of the sort. This three-letter word activity?


While growing up, the idea of sleeping during the day was enough to leave a lasting frown on my face. I found it ridiculous and prided myself as someone who sleeps only during the night.

“Why do you sleep in the afternoon? Of all time to sleep, you choose to sleep in the afternoon?” A 12-year-old me once said to a friend who was an enthusiastic napper.

Every Sunday afternoon, my entire household napped, but I never took part in it. It seemed like an abomination. At the time, I often taunted my parents and other adults at home for sleeping at any chance they got during the day.

In my opinion, that was the epitome of a boring life. I am a wild extrovert. And so, I believed you only nap or sleep when bored or tired. Since the many adults around me cherished siestas, I thought their lives were dull and vowed I would never be such an adult.

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As someone who has just woken up from a heavenly nap minutes before writing this, I can’t help but wince at my childhood naivety.

If I had known that adult life is mostly chaotic and a siesta is sometimes, one’s only saving grace.

If I had known that I’d grow up to be a workaholic and a nap is one of the few ways I’d hold on to stay sane; if I had known that I’d grow to cherish naps more and social activities less, I wouldn’t have been such a nap slanderer.

I wouldn’t have judged those who incorporated it in their lives as a daily ritual. I would have sought to understand. I would have been an admirer – that in the midst of the madness that is adulting, these amazing adults who raised me found time to rest daily.

I may have even imbibed the habit at a young age. I would have been more humble and understanding.

Dear nap, I’m sorry I used to hate you. I’m grown now.



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  1. What the young me would be shocked to see is the old me loving hanging out with people. I have always believed that with books and food, I have all the company I need. But the Twenties Amy has discovered the lure of a good time and has found out firsthand what it means to be lonely.

  2. In my case Jeremiah, the reverse has become the case. The young me never missed her siesta. Well the older me presently…

    I am always so choked up by work that I barely have time to rest, let alone sleeping during the day.

    Dear Nap, I’m sorry I abandoned you. I grew up to the stress of adulthood.

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