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The Best Quotes To Keep Your Hustle Going

Editorial note: All Guest Post authors share their views and experiences, and do not represent Week of Saturdays. . . . We all have our best quotes. They are short, punchy and help us get our act together when we are all over the place. They are also mostly old, and oh-so-concise, you know they are packed […]

Don't Be Afraid of New Tools 7 Don't Be Afraid of New Tools get started

Don’t Be Afraid of New Tools

When new or aspiring freelancers come to me eager-eyed and ready to work, one of the first roadblocks we hit together is their limited knowledge of the digital tools it takes to do their job effectively or use their skills in global or remote teams settings. Sadly this limitation sometimes sends these new freelancers back […]

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4 Problems Nigerian-based Freelancers Face In The Struggle

Added to the normal everyday Lagos and Nigeria problems, the country’s youths who are savvy, willing and with access to the Internet still face other challenges to freelancer success. As the world moves towards a freelance-first economy (usually called the gig economy), learning new skills, being globally connected and contributing high-quality and consistent value in […]