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A lot of undergrads and recent graduates ask me: how can they make money while in school or how can they start a freelance business that brings in substantial sums of money in a month. I give as many answers from my personal experiences, as possible but at the end of the day, it usually comes down to how serious the people are.

When it comes to capitalizing off the internet and its many digital channels, I consider the young ones the luckiest generation yet. You are no longer tied to working the kind of jobs your parents worked because you have the opportunity to create a lifestyle brand that makes you money in addition to whatever day job you go after.

How do you use your time on the internet and social media? Are you setting yourself up for success using these tools? Are you having fun with them? Finding yourself with them? Developing your skills with them? Making some money with them?

These are useful questions to ask yourself so that by the time you graduate or transition to a new phase in your life, you are like this student who went from making 3000 naira a month to 1 million a month by spending all his time learning how to code.

I’m open to creating an Ask Me Anything session in September if some of you here find it useful to learn the skills you need now to turn your time on your phones into skills development, freelance training, and brand building.

Feel free to respond “Yes” below in the comments and we can set up a date for a “How To Make Money Freelancing From Anywhere in the World'” AMA.

Here’s the full article about the inspirational young man.

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