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Writing Jobs of The Week: September 11, 2020

Are you looking for a job as a freelance writer? We have curated a list of online writing and communications jobs just for you.

Every week, we go through our curated list of remote jobs newsletters to put together a fresh and relevant list of writing opportunities. 

Let’s get into this week’s list.

  1. Content Editor at Grapefruit
  2. Content Strategist at Livongo
  3. Content Editor at Trip101 Pte Ltd
  4. Blockchain Content Writer at NEAR Protocol
  5. Creative Copywriter at NEWAGE Solutions & Technologies

Here are some strategies to make your application stand out

  • Personalize your resume to each job to increase your chances and demonstrate your understanding of the job or project.

  • Highlight your previous remote work experience in the first paragraph of your cover letter or application. It is important that your potential employers know you have remote work experience.

  • Explain your responsibilities at your previous roles and how they relate to the position you are applying for.

  • Ensure you apply early and respond promptly to emails or other communications sent by the company.

  • Prepare adequately for a virtual interview, just as you would in real life. Not sure how to approach a virtual interview? Get started here

  • And don’t forget to breathe and show some personality. Remember it’s a person too, on the other end of the camera. 

Are you a creative who doesn’t write but is also on the job hunt?

Let us know by leaving a comment with your niche and industry. Based on the most recurring requests, we can include that in our next curation.

We wish you good luck with your search!

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