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Buffer logo white and black describing the best mobile devices for freelancers to use


Unlike large companies that can easily employ a social media manager and marketing team to handle social media activities, it’s not easy for freelancers to manage both their jobs and social media. This is where Buffer comes in. Buffer is an easy-to-use streamlined platform with convenient social publishing options.

Gmail | Week of Saturdays


Gmail is one of the best email clients you can choose because of all the collaborative benefits that come with it – Google Drive, Calendar, Docs, etc.



Quora has had an impact on the freelancing world. It is always growing with ever-expanding categories and more users taking advantage of its rich source of information and knowledge. As a freelancer, you can use Quora to help your career in numerous ways. Particularly, Quora is an excellent resource for graphic designers, web developers, and writers.

logo of Zoom which is one of the best mobile apps for freelancers


For seamless business meetings and conference calls, Zoom is a great option. Make sure to have a Zoom account ready for when virtual meetings come up.