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Evernote green elephant logo describing the best mobile apps for freelancers


While many people restrict Evernote’s usage to merely note-taking and storage, it offers much more to freelancers. Evernote makes your freelance life more manageable by acting as your research assistant, sharing and communication center, tax documents safe, and even a handy reminder.

Calendly logo in white background describing the best mobile apps for freelancers


The Nigerian-owned software company operates on a freemium model. The paid plan costs $96 per year. Calendly allows you to show available dates on your calendar. When you share your link, recipients, such as potential clients, can go through the available times and select their preferences.

Blue Google calendar, mobile app for freelancers

Google Calendar

The Google Calendar App is great and easy addition to your arsenal. It has inbuilt access to your contacts and syncs easily across time zones and devices.