The Profitable Freelance Writers' Course

The Profitable Freelance Writers' Course


Improve your writing skills and become one of the most profitable freelance writers online. In this freelance writing course, we share all you need to know to make a sustainable living as a profitable freelance writer in the 2020 economy.


The Profitable Freelance Writers' Course

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New Classes Begin Once Every Quarter

Enrolment is open on a rolling basis. Classes of (max) 20 students per session begin on the first Monday of every quarter and run for four weeks each. Our next cohort begins in July 2020.

View the full curriculum and frequently asked questions on the Course page.

In this course, you will learn how to become a profitable freelance writer for B2B and B2C companies. You will learn to write and structure engaging SEO optimized blog posts and other types of web content. Most importantly, you will start to earn income as a profitable freelance writer immediately you graduate.

Ready to build a new income stream and negotiate the best rates as a profitable freelance writer? Scroll for more details about this freelance writing course and register now!

profitable freelance course by week of saturdays


Week One

  • Assess your writing skill level
    Your writing skills added to your personal and professional journey will make you an exceptional, sought-after profitable freelance writer. To start this journey, we first assess your writing with a test of writing a specific article for a B2C business of your choice.
  • Decide on a profitable niche
    Specific niche = less competition = higher rates.
    When you pick a specific niche, there are fewer freelance writers who specialize in it which means it’s an attractive and lucrative opportunity if you work hard and smart.
  • Create your writer bio
    Different platforms require different types of bios. A personal website, a freelance marketplace and a guest post feature all require various versions of your bio. In this section, we teach you to create a professional writer’s bio that converts.

Week Two

  • Discover the various types of freelance writing content clients request for
    Blog posts are the most popularly requested web content, but definitely not the highest paying. Email sequences, case studies, white paper, sales page copy, product descriptions, interviews, and in-depth opinion pieces are also much-request freelance writing content often requested for.
  • The anatomy of a perfect article or blog post
    Different platforms require different types of bios. A personal website, a freelance marketplace and a guest post feature all require various versions of your bio. In this section, we teach you to create a professional writer’s bio that converts.
  • How to SEO Optimize Your Blog Posts and Rank High on Google
    After learning the anatomy and flow of a perfect blog post, the next skill to enhance your profitability as a freelance writer is to learn the techniques of on-page SEO. Every client would love their content to rank high on Google. This section teaches you how to make that possible.

Week Three

  • How to build your freelance writing portfolio
    Options to build your portfolio include submitting guest posts to reputable digital publications and blogs, starting a personal blog of your own or writing for visibility and an extra income stream on sites like Medium and Steemit. This section helps you choose the right path for your freelance writing business.
  • How to set your freelance writing price/rates
    Settling on a fair price is one of the most crucial tasks on your way to becoming a profitable freelance writer. Different styles work for different writing jobs, and in this section, you learn how to maximize your chances of earning higher than the competition without scaring off potential clients.
  • How to write proposals or cold pitches that get you hired
    Without a well-written cover letter, proposal, or cold email, it will be difficult for you to get profitable freelance writing jobs. Even when you are refereed, you still have to introduce yourself in an introductory email. This section teaches you to get hired by crafting the best, relevant proposals to get the job.

Week Four

  • How to work well with your clients
    You’ve got an actual freelance writing job, now we teach you how to keep your clients happy and returning to use your freelance writing service. Working well with clients ensures that you stay working and earning, more than advertising and spending to attract new clients.
  • Good sources of content ideas
    You’re a freelance writer now. To keep up the momentum, you must keep writing, practicing, sharing, and attracting the kind of jobs you want into your life. In this section, we share a list of content sources you can always depend on to build your portfolio and satisfy client requests.
  • How to sustain your freelance writing business
    Congratulations! You are now on your way to building your freelance writing service into a full-fledged business or whatever you want it to be. Remember to have fun in the process and keep our “sustainability business tips” in mind.



  • You get to skip the part where you don’t know what you’re doing and become a profitable freelance writer in 4 weeks.
  • You spend 3 days a week for 4 weeks with Kelechi and 19 other ambitious freelance writers from all over the world.
  • After graduation, it still isn’t over. Our Alumni groups and events will ensure that you continue to grow in your career, never get stuck again, and never feel alone in your freelance journey.
  • There are many more benefits, but most important – you will always have the skill to transform your circumstances into sustainable income.



Pay easily

  • Once you click on the Register button, you’ll be redirected to a payment page. Here you can pay via PayPal, Transferwise, or Bank Transfer. If these options do not work for you, please contact us.

Learn to write

  • After payment, you are immediately enrolled in the next batch, starting in July 2020. You will learn to become a profitable freelance writer in four weeks with 19 other students in your class.

Work anywhere

  • After you complete our 4-week curriculum, you are ready to work from anywhere with clients in any location. Your freelance writing skills are the beginning of a digital work experience that will improve your work and life.

Session Starts

July 2020
THE PFW Course

An exclusive virtual workshop for 20 professional freelance writers who are ready to take charge of their careers, improve their skills and reputation, and attract clients that pay and value our craft.

For more information about this course, please email

Course created by Kelechi Udoagwu; an initiative of Full-Cognition (FC) Ltd.


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