Zoom or Skype

For seamless business meetings and conference calls, Zoom and Skype are great options. Make sure to have a Skype account and Zoom account ready for when meetings come up.

Zoom is designed specifically for hosting webinars, teaching online courses, and conducting online training, video demonstrations, virtual meetings and video conference. It integrates video conferencing, simple online meetings, and group messaging into a single cloud-based platform.

Many SMEs, enterprises, educational institutions, and healthcare organizations find Zoom very useful in meeting their objectives. Zoom provides the opportunity for 100 interactive video participants and 10,000 view-only attendees to join in on a meeting.

Zoom improves collaboration among teams, remote workers, as they can join an online meeting easily. Furthermore, the Zoom software allows for content sharing in wireless mode as it enhances remote access to webinars and web conference.

I’m a freelance worker, how can Zoom help me?

To begin with, Zoom is enabled to connect freelancers and virtual companies using a blockchain ID system, artificial intelligence, and smart contracts. By using the security and transparency of the blockchain, Zoom seeks to build an ecosystem to support and simplify multi-stage and multi-stakeholder projects. Also, it makes available a platform for virtual companies who need freelancers on a regular basis.

Freelancers who register on this app can enter such portals and see information on the posted projects and the businesses looking to hire. If and when either party wishes to connect, a chat window appears, and they can begin discussions about the project.

Secondly, as an African freelancer with clients around the globe, there always seems to be a divide. Mostly because you have never seen each other. The Zoom video feature helps to humanize both the client and freelancer. Rather than think of your client as just a name, you think of them as people.

Also, as the African freelance landscape is still being viewed with suspicion, putting a face to your name will add credibility to you as an African freelance.

Thirdly, rather than ask your client to download an app, which they may find annoying, simply send them a meeting link, they click it, get a software installation, and join the meeting. Quite easy.

With Zoom, you don’t have to take notes. Click the record button and when you’re done, the recording converts into MP4 and M4A recordings saved to your computer. As an African freelance, it is important to take note of the diverse culture of your clients. Zoom will afford you the opportunity to review your conversation to see where you can improve your social skills.


  • Each Zoom plan allows you to host unlimited meetings.
  • Zoom Webinars can host up to 10,000 participants which is great for people as they grow their business.
  • Zoom offers high quality audio and video
  • Screen sharing between both the presenter and guests is simple
  • Participants can instant message during conferencing
  • Meetings are easily recordable
  • Users can create recurring meetings and use the same link for the future meetings


  • At the basic level, with no add-ons and extras, Zoom is reasonably priced. But add-ons make Zoom quite expensive.
  • Too many plan options, there is almost too much options to consider when you try to customize your Zoom plan.
  • If you want to run a successful Zoom event, your webinar participants will also need to download Zoom to access your meeting. Some may not like this idea.
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