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Trello is a collaboration tool that groups your projects into boards. At a glance, Trello shows you what you’re currently working on, people in your team assigned to each project, and the stages of development reached. 

Much recently, Trello has grown to be among the most popular collaborative work management tools. Unlike other project management tools that target project managers precisely, Trello is for anyone who wants to manage projects. 

I’m a freelance worker, how can Trello help me? 

Organization plays a vital role in making a healthy work-life balance, especially as a freelancer. But due to the demanding nature of freelancing, you might easily get overwhelmed by juggling different projects for several clients. With the flexibility of freelancing comes more significant responsibilities. But if you keep underdelivering and missing deadlines, you’re likely to go out of business. 

However, with a tool like Trello in your possession, you can keep tasks and clients organized while running your freelance business. Exploit online tools like Trello to strengthen our relationships with clients and expand your network for more lucrative opportunities. 

Trello's board


  • Apart from organizational purposes, you can also use Trello to track your expenses, income, and even vacation. 
  • It offers powerful and flexible features that allow you to customize each card. 
  • Efficient collaboration. Trello makes it simple for you to track others’ tasks, progress, and pending tasks. 
  • It has several filters that allow you to speed up searches within your dashboard. 


  • Trello offers no option for calendar integration. 
  • Too basic. If you seek detailed and customized documents for separate tasks, Trello is not a recommended app. It limits you to shorter descriptions. 
  • It involves a lot of manual set up. 

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