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Have you ever wished to automate certain tasks that you have to perform every day routinely? If you answered yes, then IFTTT is the right application for you. 

IFTTT (meaning “If This Then That”) is an online automation app that communicates between different devices and apps to stimulate user-specific actions. 

Here is an instance of IFTT in action – if I receive an attachment via an email message, save a copy of the attached to Google Drive. The “if” aspect is the activator. So whenever the conditional clause occurs, the action (save a copy of the attached to Google Drive) happens. 

I’m a freelance worker, how can IFTTT help me?

As a freelancer, you need to automate a lot of your tedious business processes. Or else you’ll end up wasting money and time. The moment you can optimize your daily business processes, you are one step closer to improving your business operations’ efficiency.

The significant advantage of IFTTT to you as a freelancer is that it helps speed up project completion. IFTTT automation gives you control over mundane yet vital business processes. You also get to reduce the chances of human errors.

IFTTT overview


  • Simple to use. IFTTT has a simple user interface that makes it straightforward to use. 
  • It allows you to save Gmail attachments to Dropbox and Google Drive automatically. IFTTT’s programmed applet feature will enable you to save received attachments (from Gmail) to Google Drive and Dropbox. Thankfully, you can easily access your email attachments as IFTTT saves them in a single folder. 


  • Too basic. IFTTT is a bit too basic as it sometimes encounters issues when carrying out complex tasks. 
  • Busy. Sometimes, the “activity” section on the website tends to get overcrowded. 
  • Failure of the recipes. Occasionally, IFTTT “recipes” fail. Sometimes, recipes don’t activate even after weeks, so you have to monitor them, thereby defeating the purpose of automation. 

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