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New to Upwork? Here are Tips to Always Get the Job

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Are you new to the Upwork platform? Starting there as a freelancer can be challenging. You may have the professional skills, talent, good work ethics, and still not get hired because you don’t present yourself well.

On top freelance platforms like Upwork, you need to be able to sell yourself to clients in ways that get them to hire you not only for your expertise but also for your personality.

The client is meeting you on a platform, he or she has no idea who you are or how qualified you are, but intends to entrust to you a job they need to be done. It is crucial that you earn their trust.

This might look like a big task, and it is, but with the tips I would be sharing with you in this article, you have a better chance of getting jobs on Upwork and becoming successful as a freelancer.

Your Expertise

So many freelancers make the mistake of joining Upwork just to get jobs because they are great at a particular skill, they always get it wrong. Freelancing is more than your professional skills. You need to be deliberate and more specific in your profession in order to find the right jobs for you.

For example, you may be a professional writer but unless you pick a specific industry to write in, you will only be a professional writer. There are several industries you can delve into such as technology, marketing, medical, project management, etc. Pick one of them and begin to increase your knowledge and expertise in it.

Your Profile

This is the first thing most clients see when they receive your job proposal. Some focus on your proposal and others focus on your profile.

It is your first selling point towards getting a job on Upwork, and it needs to be treated as such. Your profile needs to contain all correct information about you, especially your skills, experience as these are what the client needs to see to get interested. Also, when uploading a picture of yourself, ensure it is a professional smiling photo as this highlights confidence.

Your Proposals

A proposal on Upwork is the application you submit for a job offer. It contains

  • A cover letter
  • The amount you are charging for the service
  • Estimated time to complete the project
  • Relevant job samples on similar problems you have solved for other clients in the past.

Your proposals need to be well laid out and job-specific as this would show your interest in helping that particular client.

More on Upwork Cover Letters

The first thing to do when writing your cover letter is to clearly tell them who you are but in a manner that relates to their needs.

Ensure to let them know that you will not fail if you are given the job. Next, you need to share your expertise and how your experience fits the job they need your help with.

Finally, you need to show the client that you care about them and not just after their money. Endeavor to always change your cover letter and the job samples to fit the client’s job description as this shows professionalism and intentionality.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is writing and publishing an article on someone else’s website or blog. It is often done as a means to build the portfolio of a professional.

It is an important part of being a freelance writer as it gives you more opportunities to share samples with your clients.

If you do not have samples of something, it means you have never done it. So why honestly should a business owner who is trying to make money hire you?

Always apply for guest posting opportunities in your field of interest and niche.

Conclusive Thoughts

Freelancing on Upwork isn’t as difficult as most people make it seem. It mostly depends on how you approach the platform.

Clients want someone they can trust and you need to make them believe you are that person.

Update your profile regularly with the new skills you have learned or picked up while freelancing, remain active and engaged, respond promptly to clients, give your best in your work, ensure you always submit in time and make sure to ask for feedback as it will help you to know areas you might need improvements.

First impressions can help you win a contract. But, final impressions can make or break the feedback you receive from a client. Ensure both are equally positive as this would determine whether a client would engage with you again in the future.

When you submit your final work to a client, ask them of their opinion on the work delivered and if it meets their expectations. Be open to corrections and re-dos if necessary. If your work meets a client’s expectations every time, he or she will rate you highly and be much more likely to work with you again.

We all have to work hard in the beginning. As you do more jobs, your portfolio continues to grow and you have more samples to showcase to new clients.

I hope with these tips I was able to help increase your confidence in applying for jobs on Upwork with the mindset that you will be hired.

Are you a freelancer – new or experienced on Upwork? How has your experience been? Let us know in the comments.

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