Navigating Activism as an Introvert 1 Navigating Activism as an Introvert activism

Navigating Activism as an Introvert

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As an introvert, I tend to find the whole protest and street-march quite exhausting, even when I know it is for a worthy cause. No matter how hard I try, I doubt you’ll see me marching, or holding a placard or megaphone and shouting words of solidarity. 

Usually, I felt guilty that I can’t engage in anything confrontational or visibly apparent to anyone but myself, but I have come to accept that quieter forms of activism are also valid. I can fulfill my passion for justice and a desire to speak up and do something without turning into an extrovert.

Having observed the #EndSARS protest, here are some ways you can lend your voice as an introvert without burning out.

Social media

Social media and introverts are like fingers and keyboards; they go hand-in-hand. Some introverts enjoy being alone in the (virtual) company of others. If you fall in this category of introverts, let your fingers do the talking with the rest of you lying on a couch or doing something else. Trust me it counts and the #SARSMUSTEND trending hashtag is proof that aggressively retweeting the message of activism will garner the attention of the media which will, in turn, publicize and further the cause. 

Digital art

Have you seen the viral image of Aisha Yesufu making rounds on social media? I’m pretty sure the creator of that digital image did not make it while marching on the streets. If you are creative, you can lend your voice through digital art such as this. 

Aisha Yesufu
Source: Twitter

Merch design

You see the shirt he is wearing? The words on the shirt are as loud as the loudest protester. You can contribute to activism by designing merch like this one below or wearing one as you go about your business. Visuals speak volumes. 

Source: Happenings


Your widow’s mite can go a long way in fighting for a cause even if you are not at the forefront. I used to wonder what donations are used for during protests like #EndPoliceBrutality and I realized that protesters need to be refreshed so that they can keep representing us introverts on the streets. They need to fuel generators to charge their phones so that we can have live videos to share. They need money to bail out protesters who have been arrested and the list goes on and on. 


Composing a simple tweet in solidarity with the ongoing protest can be counted as an act of activism. A blog post, article or protest guide like this one can be very useful. You can also craft informative pieces to educate our WhatsApp aunties and uncles so they under the protest and broadcast to their fellow aunties and uncles. You can let them know that the hashtag has changed to #EndSWAT.


You can do these and many more as an introvert, and be actively and usefully engaged in activism. We are not all wired the same way but all we can surely all speak up for a worthy cause.


Feature Image by Reuters

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