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In-house Content Writers or Freelance Writers? Who Works Better?

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Google de-ranks websites that get to the top of Search through blackhat SEO techniques. This keeps the bad (and good) players in check and reminds marketing managers that the only way to rank and stay high in search results is through organic web traffic and quality content.

To achieve this, most brands and organizations ask, “Should we build an in-house content team or work with a freelance team? 

Perhaps you’re currently in this position and thinking of achieving your content goals for your department or company. This article will guide you to make the right choice for you. 

I am an in-house writer at Adisotech Hub and a freelance writer at Week of Saturdays, so I can tell you which works better based on your budget, needs, and timeline. Let’s begin.

In-house Writers

Big companies usually have executive marketing directors and teams whose job is to intentionally direct, create, and distribute relevant top-notch content to their audience at the right times. 

In-house writers develop and embody brand voice in a way that freelance writers may never be able to. This is because in-house writers get familiar with the language of their audience and market over time, and thus, they communicate naturally with the audience. 

Brands that use in-house writers also share that they are able to meet their content goals much faster. This is due to good team cohesion and a calendar of content already established and continuously executed. The only con in building an in-house marketing team is cost. Depending on your business size, you may need more than one writer or creative. In this case, working with a freelance team is a better option. 

Freelance Writers

If you are a content manager or agency owner, you have, no doubt considered outsourcing content creation to freelance writers. This is because your job likely requires various skills, including graphic design, social media management, PR campaigns, and others you may have no time or interest in executing recurringly.

Freelance writers are happy and available to take writing and other content creation jobs off your hands. You can find them easily on Week of Saturdays, Upwork, Fiverr, and other popular freelance platforms.

The perks of working with freelance writers include less paperwork and responsibility overall. You do not pay employee benefits or go through the contractual obligation of insurance packages. When working with a freelance team, it is simply payment for the gig, which is perfect for many startups, SMEs, and businesses. 

You do not have to break the bank to achieve your creative content goals. 

Freelance writers have the added benefit of diverse experiences in the industry in various sectors. They’ve likely worked with all sorts of companies, and over the years, gained expertise and experience in the nitty-gritty of content marketing and search engine optimization techniques. 

They are also much more productive when working remotely than a new in-house team may be. 

Close your eyes and imagine someone who has written for prominent publications, tech startups, marketing agencies, business magazines, company blogs, and lifestyle brands. That professional is likely to be exceptional and versatile at creating engaging and compelling content for different audiences. This is a significant reason that even some Fortune 500 companies use freelance writers.  

Some freelance writers have built such unique talent stacks that they offer and bring more to the table than just their writing and creative skills. 

Practice makes perfect, and most freelance writers are always on their toes as they read, write, and learn every day, so they can continue to deliver quality content to their clients. From personal experience and speaking with most of my colleagues, most articles on the first page of Google were written by freelance writers!

They have much more in-depth skills in writing both for humans on the web and for the robots that crawl the web and rank pages. 

There you have it: an unbiased comparison between working with in-house content writers and freelance writers or teams.

Outsourcing your overwhelming writing tasks to a freelance writer can take a lot of your plate and help you communicate your brand story with your audience consistently. 

Are you thinking of where to start to get good freelance writers or creative teams? Look no further, Week of Saturdays is keen to help you get started. Just click here.

Some frequently asked questions 

Do all freelancer writers utilize SEO?

No, not freelance writers understand and utilize SEO best practices. The best ones do, and you should keep an eye out for those. 

Who is more efficient between an in-house writer and a freelance writer?

Efficiency is relative. So efficiency depends on how good the writer is- whether in-house or freelance writer. Most importantly, efficiency depends on the project management practices put in place for the writer to work.

How do I hire an in-house writer?

Several platforms make this possible. You can visit ContentlyLinkedIn, or even Twitter and let people know what you need. You can also contract the recruitment and even project management to Week of Saturdays for a more streamlined process. 

Should I hire a freelance writer on a long-term or short-term basis?

Hiring a freelance writer on a long-term basis is the best way to get the most of their talents and efforts. You wouldn’t need to explain your company over and over again, and over time, they embody the voice of your brand.


Back to the starting question: Which works better between freelance writers and in-house writers? The answer is not airtight. It depends on your budget, availability, and process to manage the relationship and communications with your in-house team or freelance team. 

Regardless of the path you choose, ensure to communicate your needs clearly, so that the team can go all in to create what you need.


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