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Questions About Freelancing Answered 1 Questions About Freelancing Answered freelancing answered

Questions About Freelancing Answered

From the definition to getting paid, and every process in between. This article contains all you need to know about freelancing and working independently online. Writers, designers, content creators, course creators, digital marketers, communicators, and creative professionals can all get answers. Have a question not answered below? Please record it here. Want to read this offline? A […]

Modern Career Glossary for New Freelancers

The Modern Career Glossary For New Freelancers

Our modern career glossary for new freelancers is a handy dictionary for every professional – unconventional or traditional – who actively drives their careers themselves. It doesn’t matter whether you work online or offline, or in technology, non-profits or high fashion, understanding the meaning of these words will improve your business communications and prospects. Think […]

Sorry, I'm bussy (to start in a new role)

7 Tips For Taking on a New Role

Taking on a new role, whether freelance or full-time, can be nerve-racking. You have a lot to assimilate in a short time to get to the point where you are clear enough to thrive and perform as expected. During this time, you may feel anxious, fidgety or too mellow to show your personality and ability. […]

a laptop on the table showing the best time to freelance

Is Now a Good Time to Freelance?

Being a successful freelancer takes a lot of work, especially at the initial stages when you are just new and starting out in the market. It takes a lot of effort to produce quality work and build your credibility. For the full-time freelancers, it takes courage and determination to leave a 9-5 and depend solely […]

Blue pen on a white book and laptop with the woords, "what makes a good freelancer?"

What Makes A Good Freelancer?

These ten traits, if applied, will set you apart as a good freelancer. Working independently is difficult; we all know that. Yet it is also deeply satisfying and life-enriching, and not a lot of people know that. If asked to choose between the stability, benefits and certainty of a good 9-5, and the responsibility, turbulence, […]