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Frequently asked questions and answers for clients

We connect you to the best, available expert-suited writer for your request. You request may be an op-ed, a blog post, content for a panel, case study, customer success story, long-form article, anything! $99 is the cost of finding and connecting you to the talent you need. Our writers will send in their best writing samples and price quotes for your request, and you choose the best fit to work with.

We connect you to a writer and a manager for your request. Unlike, the basic plan which is a one-time payment to be connected to a writer, this plan is a monthly plan where your assigned project manager handles your content request and manages the writer. This plan may include publishing to your website or social profiles in addition to writing the content. 

It is important to note that the price for the custom consulting plan will differ based on your writing/content needs or request. $999 is the average monthly rate our custom consulting plan typically offers. In this plan, we have our founder/consultant and a team to handle your project as needed. This plan may include personal communications and content for founders, businesses, and executives, a professional brand makeover, or crisis management. Most of our clients integrate us into in-house teams or new, confidential roles to tackle these projects.

It takes 1-3 days after you contact us and share your project details.

We send you expert freelance writers vetted and suited to handle your request. If you’re not satisfied with your writer options from the start, we send you two more to choose from. 

Yes, you do. You pay for the plan you choose to be connected to your writer. You also pay the accepted rate agreed on between you and your writer. However, Week of Saturdays holds the writer’s payment in escrow until completion and approval of your brief by you and the writer. 

Our writers are experienced freelance writers with vast expertise in various niches. We accept the best that apply to our community, and scout writers’ spaces for excellent talent to join us. Our writers sign a contractor agreement with Week of Saturdays before they are eligible to be matched to clients. 


Frequently asked questions and answers for writers

You can apply to become a Week of Saturdays freelance writer by completing this form, being scouted by the team, or invited by a curren Week of Saturdays community member.

Week of Saturdays offers an activity-filled community of writers and the opportunity to get content and writing jobs from Week of Saturdays clients. 

Depending on your expertise, you may be accepted into our Learning (1) community or Scaling (2) group. Only writers in the Scaling (2) group are eligible to get jobs via Week of Saturdays. You must sign a Week of Saturdays freelance writer agreement before your first job is assigned. 

No, you don’t. We understand that with research, good writers can write about almost everything. We ask for writing samples that show your versatility. 

Clients pay in full to Week of Saturdays before our writers commence work. Week of Saturdays holds this amount in escrow until submission and approval of the job by the client and writer.