Ever Thought of Reviewing Books To Earn Supplementary Income? 1 Ever Thought of Reviewing Books To Earn Supplementary Income?

Ever Thought of Reviewing Books To Earn Supplementary Income?

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To all the book lovers out there, this is not a drill. You can seriously get paid reviewing books. 

How amazing is that? Getting paid to do something you love? Hell yeah! Sign me up!

Some of these websites we’ll share below require professional experience but others don’t. If this idea excites you, and makes you want to pick up a book, check out these two websites that will pay you to read books online.  

Online Book Club

Unlike similar websites, Online Book Club doesn’t require you to be a professional book writer or an experienced reviewer to get paid to read.

They look out for honest reviews of books they send to their members, and it is absolutely free to sign-up. The books you receive for review also come at no charge.

Note that your first review will not be paid for, but subsequent ones will, and can fetch you between $5 – $60.

If you are a new writer, especially one who loves to read, this is worth a try. You’d have been reading anyway, right?

To sign up, visit the Online Book Club website, create an account, and wait for your account to be approved.

After approval, you choose your preferred book formats, browse through the available books ready to be reviewed, make a selection, download it and submit your first review. (Which isn’t paid of course, we have told you this.)

Kirkus Media

Kirkus Media primarily specialises in book reviews and will pay you for each book you review for them.

To sign up, you need to submit your resume, writing samples and a list of your review specialties to the email address listed here.

Reviews must be around 350 words and is due two weeks after the book is assigned.

After your submitted review has been approved, not only will you be paid, but your reviews will also be featured in its magazine with a wide readership, “Kirkus Reviews.” 

Super cool, huh?

Are you a reader and a writer, an is this opportunity for you?

Let us know if you try it out!

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