Co-Working Spaces: How to Choose the Best Ones For Your Needs

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The co-working spaces movement that started in San Francisco in 2005 and caught on like wildfire across the world only caught on in Nigeria in 2011 with the launch of CcHUB and Venia Business Hub.

Fast forward to 2019, and the number of co-working space in the city has significantly increased. Commenting on the number of co-working spaces in Lagos, someone said: “There are now more co-working spaces than co-workers in Lagos, to co-work in them.” 

Venia Business Hub’s co-working report, released in 2018, listed 76 co-working spaces in Nigeria!


Co-working spaces are flexible, community-centric, cost-effective, and promote productivity and collaboration, among other things. These are some reasons why they are ideal for freelancers, remote workers and other independent professionals who work from home.

However, co-working spaces come in different shapes and sizes, with different purposes and missions which cause them to specialize in different offerings and niches meaning that not every co-working space can meet your needs!

How can you find a co-working space that meets your exact needs? We recommend taking these four steps.

Use Google to Search For Co-Working Spaces Around You

This one should be obvious because Google is the go-to place for finding out things. Searches made on Google per year are now running into trillions.

A simple search using the keyword “coworking space” will display a bunch of coworking spaces in your locality, as shown in the image below.

My search for co-working spaces around me.

You can also search for coworking spaces on Twitter, Instagram and tech blogs using the search box, or by asking friends who have actually worked from one.

You can then take notes of all the coworking spaces and take the next step.


Yes! Carefully examine all the coworking spaces you’ve noted by visiting their websites and checking out their location, offering, pricing, amenities, perks, mission, etc. This is to help you match what you want with what they offer.


Don’t believe everything you see on the websites because some co-working spaces make hyperbolic claims to win clients. That’s why taking a tour (in person) will help you determine the co-working space that’s ideal for you.

Do they claim to have car parks? Yoga rooms? Library? Kitchenette? Serve free coffees? Just book a tour and see things for yourself. You’ll get answers to all pressing questions and even make new discoveries.


The next obvious thing to do is decide which coworking space is best for you. This shouldn’t be hard anymore considering you’ve undergone all three steps above, especially no.3: visiting the coworking spaces you think are ideal, talking to their community managers, exploring the space and experiencing firsthand the vibe and all.

Don’t believe everything you see on the websites because some co-working spaces make hyperbolic claims to win clients.

Though coworking spaces are springing up every day, not everyone will be ideal for you. We hope you find this post useful in your search for the best coworking space to work from.

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