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It’s About Time Africans Get a Share of the Gig Economy

Fast-changing demographics, digitalization, and the growing desire for work-life balance is gradually changing the global employment landscape into a gig-economy, freelance-driven model, benefiting corporations, SMEs and workers too. According to the 2018 Payoneer Freelancer Income Survey, a majority of the world’s freelancers are located in Europe (35.5%), Asia (28%), Latin America (29.2%), Africa (10.1%), and […]

Collaboration Amongst Freelancers – A Goldmine

When the word ‘freelancer’ is brought into discourse, what comes to mind is a lone ranger who seeks to achieve tasks and satisfy clients all by himself within a specified time. The freelancer’s focus is to beat the deadline or deliver on an agreed day and move to the next project while scavenging for other job opportunities. […]