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Ayomide Ofulue

Writers Who Inspire Us: Ayomide Ofulue

Ayomide Ofulue is a Nigerian writer most known on Twitter for his writing and self-improvement tips. The Week of Saturdays team found him and his Twitter account when we were desperately looking for African writers who tweet about writing.  We recently had a virtual interview with him to learn about his writing process, his crazy exponential growth […]

Laptop displaying writing jobs report

2020 Freelance Writing Landscape Report

Overview What is the global average earning of paid online writers? What industries hire writers the most? What are clients currently looking and hiring for? How did COVID-19 affect the industry? What does the future hold for freelance-writers? If you’ve asked these questions, you’re not alone. We had same and have been digging for answers. […]

Faith Obafemi

Working Freelance: Blockchain Lawyer & Writer, Faith Obafemi

Faith Obafemi is an innovative blockchain lawyer and freelance content writer. She has written several informative articles featured in Legal Business World,  CoinDesk, Africa Legal, Yahoo Finance, and other publications.  Obafemi is also a Research Fellow at the African Academic Network on Internet Policy (AANOIP), where she handles in-depth research on the intricacies in blockchain […]

Oyekunle Damola

Working Freelance: Digital Marketing Consultant, Oyekunle Damola

Oyekunle Damola is a digital marketing consultant known for helping business owners achieve results for their online marketing campaigns. He is the founder of Dptrax, an inbound marketing agency helping clients generate more traffic, leads, and sales online. Recently, we had a virtual interview with Damola. In our conversation, Damola shared how he grew his agency and […]

How to Receive International Payments as a Freelancer or Digital Content Creator in Nigeria 12 How to Receive International Payments as a Freelancer or Digital Content Creator in Nigeria international payments

How to Receive International Payments as a Freelancer or Digital Content Creator in Nigeria

For many young Nigerians, freelancing is the difference between having a stable financial life and chaotic financial instability. With rising unemployment due to economic failures and political instability, freelancing has become a primary stream of income for many, not out of choice but necessity.  When you look at the global market size for the gig-talent-freelance […]

Every Question About Freelancing Answered 18 Every Question About Freelancing Answered freelancing answered

Every Question About Freelancing Answered

From the definition to getting paid, and every process in between. This article contains all you need to know about freelancing and working independently online. Writers, designers, content creators, course creators, digital marketers, communicators, and creative professionals can all get answers. Have a question not answered below? Please record it here. Want to read this offline? A […]

Working Freelance Gbenga Adebiyi

Working Freelance: Writer and Coach, Gbenga Adebiyi

Gbenga Adebiyi is a freelance writer and coach with 5+ years of experience. Through his twitter threads, online classes, and offline workshops, he trains students from countries across Africa to become competent freelancers.  On Thursday afternoon last week, Jeremiah Ajayi had a virtual interview with Gbenga Adebiyi. In the conversation, Gbenga shared a bit of his […]

Modern Career Glossary for New Freelancers

The Modern Career Glossary For New Freelancers

Our modern career glossary for new freelancers is a handy dictionary for every professional – unconventional or traditional – who actively drives their careers themselves. It doesn’t matter whether you work online or offline, or in technology, non-profits or high fashion, understanding the meaning of these words will improve your business communications and prospects. Think […]

25 Most-Sought After Freelance Jobs 26 25 Most-Sought After Freelance Jobs freelance job

25 Most-Sought After Freelance Jobs

Editorial note: All Guest Post authors share their views and experiences, and do not represent Week of Saturdays. . . . Companies across the world are beginning to outsource aspects of their business to distributed teams of remote workers. This is increasing the number of freelance jobs in general. Highly innovative, coordinated and effective, these companies […]

Blue pen on a white book and laptop with the woords, "what makes a good freelancer?"

What Makes A Good Freelancer?

These ten traits, if applied, will set you apart as a good freelancer. Working independently is difficult; we all know that. Yet it is also deeply satisfying and life-enriching, and not a lot of people know that. If asked to choose between the stability, benefits and certainty of a good 9-5, and the responsibility, turbulence, […]