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Ready For Work Sessions with SFAN

It was a pleasure to teach the Content-Writing Session at the ReadyForWork Career Accelerator last Saturday, 28 September 2018. The students were indeed ReadyToLearn, and had great questions and a collaborative team spirit. SFAN was an excellent host, and the other moderators and teachers had so much to share, we, at Week of Saturdays, became […]

Nigerian tech twitter outraged by new SARS assault

Yesterday, Toni Astro, a young software developer in Lagos, shared a twitter thread about his unfortunate, undeserved experience with the Nigeria Police.  View full thread. Nigeria’s Police department, special anti-robbery squad (SARS) has long been a pain – brute, oppressive, authorized gang of thieves – to the young, hardworking tech professionals in the country, especially the young […]

It's About Time Africans Get a Share of the Gig Economy

It’s About Time Africans Get a Share of the Gig Economy

Fast-changing demographics, digitalization, and the growing desire for work-life balance is gradually changing the global employment landscape into a gig-economy, freelance-driven model, benefiting corporations, SMEs and workers too. According to the 2018 Payoneer Freelancer Income Survey, a majority of the world’s freelancers are located in Europe (35.5%), Asia (28%), Latin America (29.2%), Africa (10.1%), and […]

Start Early or Start Now

As I sat at my desk, thinking up arguments to convince any potential freelancer to take a leap already and plunge into the freelance world, it hit me. Gone are the days when freelancing was considered an alternative career option when you couldn’t find a job. Nowadays, freelancing is trendy and lucrative. The freelance landscape […]