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Fadeke Adegbuyi

Writers Who Inspire Us: Fadeke Adegbuyi

Fadeke Adegbuyi’s online presence is simple yet commanding. Her day job at Doist involves writing and editing long-form articles and guides on productivity and the future of work, while also leading ambitious marketing projects. Last week, we spent some time talking about her journey from freelance writer and Jill of all trades to becoming a […]

Writers Who Inspire Us: Kat Boogaard 7 Writers Who Inspire Us: Kat Boogaard kat boogaard

Writers Who Inspire Us: Kat Boogaard

Meeting with Kat Boogaard, scheduling this interview, and completing it in less than 48 hours was a crash course in empathetic efficiency (yes, I coined the term :)).  I’ve followed Kat’s journey since 2015 when I read her career advice on The Muse. At the time, I was at crossroads, and Kat’s articles helped me design […]

Don't Be Afraid of New Tools 12 Don't Be Afraid of New Tools new tools

Don’t Be Afraid of New Tools

When aspiring or young freelancers come to me eager-eyed and ready to work, one of the first roadblocks we often hit is their limited knowledge of the digital tools they need to do their job effectively within remote teams. Sadly this limitation sometimes sends these new freelancers back to where they came from, without trying. […]