A Case For A Small Audience

Beginnings are flaky; you barely know what you want, what you are doing or how long you can last. In these times, we make the most mistakes; we produce work that is below our standard of appreciation, and our emotions dictate when we work — this is not the time to be entertaining large crowds, especially without the support of a team of assistants and advisors.

Beginnings are supposed to be special because they are when you perfect your craft in your way, at your pace, and most important, grow your confidence. But they don’t particularly feel good because you get no rewards for showing up or doing the work, and you have no idea if what you’re doing really is working.

What we sometimes can’t see is how much we are growing both gradually and exponentially, and sticking with what we start is the only way to success. After a while, when the rewards start to come, they come in quick spades.

Stick with people who appreciate you, serve them like kings and queens in their thousands, and always keep an eye out for new ways to get new people to find you.

Growing Week of Saturdays has been an interesting experience. I am dead set on not using my personal network, friends and family, and people I know. I don’t want my audience to be people I grew up and went to school with. I want them to be people who find and appreciate me, us, the content we create, and want to be a part of it all.

So this means we have to really get to know our audience, know you, and create for you, not us. It is a continuous learning process, and it’s been going well so far.

A small audience takes the pressure off.

We all know practice makes perfect, so having the time and space to practice and grow with the support of a manageable group of strangers who think what you create matters is priceless. There’s no drama, just support. There’s fulfilment and clarity, and you can imagine scaling into your future without having a panic attack. It’s good vibes.

It’s so essential to grow at your pace and appreciate your time of peace and obscurity in a world where everyone is one tweet or incident away from a scandal.

Give yourself time to grow, so that you are ready to perform, you’ll bloom with a confidence that comes from knowing who you are, what you can do, and also have a group of people proud to say they have supported you since Day 1.

I love my small audience.

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