7 Opportunities for Freelancers During The Covid-19 Lockdown

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Freelancing has created a channel that ensures the best works of creativity.

The perfect crafts, written pieces, graphic designs, animations, and videos mostly originate from the wealth of opportunities that freelancers have created for themselves. They are all done in perfect comfort; on the dining table, the couch, or beside a pool during vacations using freelancing sites as an office.

Fast forward to the outbreak of the coronavirus that has left many freelancers wondering if their jobs still hold any water. Many have received cancellations from their clients, a drop on fees, or truncation in workflow. To top it all, the news, stock market, and economic updates are not helping matters, and many freelancers are drowning in these negativities and wondering if there are opportunities that COVID-19 has opened for them.

The pandemic of COVID-19 has become a reference point in history. It has straddled our existence as similar events like the Renaissance, the Dark ages, the World Wars, and has left everyone’s values, principles, and way of doing things in scrutiny.

Despite these happenings, Sun- Tzu says, “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” And I want you to resonate in this hope as you read through the opportunities that COVID-19 has opened for freelancers.

Relegation and Change in Roles

As mentioned earlier, COVID-19 has left most of our working processes and business activities in scrutiny.

Many companies are beginning to realize new roles and important activities that need to be done to cushion the effects of the pandemic on their business. Even large companies have started laying off workers in just weeks of the pandemic to look for people to take on new roles that are seemingly crucial. The layoff has opened an opportunity for more remote and contract workers, which is where you come into the picture.

Who ever thought someone would be looking for you in your pajamas to handle a role from your balcony? While a lot of teams are going to be dissolved, companies are going to be looking for individuals who can carry out tasks independently, and as such, they need professionals with such experience.

This is the best time to start revamping your portfolio and also signing up with freelance communities like Week of Saturdays. This way, you network with the right persons to ensure that you are branded as reputable and available when the rush of freelancer demands begin.

Change and Variation in Tasks

Many companies are in dire lookout for proactive ways to deal with the stress on their activities. They are open to your pitches and innovative ideas.

Now is your moment as an innovative freelancer to suggest new tasks, especially relating to public relations, customer retention, and brand activities that reinforce awareness. Companies and industries already realize the need to serve their customers with the rising surge in online presence and internet usage.

Also, many individuals realize the need to start an independent business to support their livelihood. This means that a lot of people will need freelancers to complete several tasks to bring their businesses to a good place. Big companies also have seen the need, importance, and effectiveness of remote work and will need people with experience in those areas to help build out with their new remote working processes.

Things are already changing and will continue to change. So you need to keep your eyes open and be proactive about these changes. Do not bother about the reversion of these changes. Most of them are lessons that industries and companies will not unlearn. In other words, this is the future.

Max Friberg, Cofounder of Inex One, says: “I see growth in the medium and longer term. I think the COVID crisis sparks an overall shift towards efficient online platforms. I also think this behavioral change will stick, even after the crisis ebbs.”

Freelance Branding

The ample time presented by COVID-19 may have given freelancers time away from pressing projects. This should be an opportunity used by freelancers for freelance branding. If you have never thought about a brand for your business. This is the best time to do so.

Creating a brand that helps you to exercise authority in your niche can help you fetch a spot in lucrative jobs.

Incorporation and Acceptance of Remote work and Its Workers

Remote workers have always been overlooked in the industry even though many other CEO’s and startups have made it common. The crisis will bring to cognizance the effectiveness and importance of remote work and its workers.

More businesses will open roles or change existing roles for remote workers. This presents an opportunity to reapply and be on the lookout for such roles in those organizations. New variations in roles can also mean remote work consultancy roles instead of HR roles in individual companies. You can pose as an authority in these areas, and enjoy the benefits that come from carving out a role for yourself.

Need for Problem Solvers

Freelancers have always worked creatively, handling jobs and projects that are from varying companies, industries and even niches. They handle most of such projects without the need to get up to be in the office by 9 am to come back by 5 pm.

Most times, they work in airplanes, boats, on a beach. And incorporate their work and lifestyle. Having that experience has helped a lot of freelancers with heightened problem-solving skills. Freelancers are outside the box thinkers that can creatively dish out solutions for cumbersome projects.  

Organizations, companies, and industries are going to be faced with challenges that will need the consultation of freelancers. If you have been a freelance consultant, you should commercialize this role and incorporate it into your personal branding. Because a lot of firms are going to be needing outside the box thinkers who can handle complex projects while still reaping profits and cutting their costs of hiring. 

Multiple Streams of Income

It is intuitive to feel lax about the pandemic and to wait for a time when things will get back to normal before taking proper action. You may need to change that notion if you want to avoid opportunities passing you by.

Apart from the conventional means and ways of reaching out to clients to get job offers (pitching, proposal, completing a task, invoicing, and receiving payment). You can spice things up a little bit. Understand the need and pressure of your clients, and make adjustments for better working relationships.

You may need to space out your income rewards to milestones to accommodate their stress. This will allow your client to implement effective budgeting and as well earn you a better reputation.

Consider Expansion

Most freelancers think this way. Well, that is what happens when you are working your passion. We most times do not look in the direction of anything else that threatens our personality even though it is going to help us a lot. You do not have to handle all your projects personally.

You should think about expanding your business as a freelancer such that it can stand and make returns for you even without your active participation. You can start now by building a community of freelancers who can completely handle a full project from design to writing, to UX, etc.

Consider Passive Income

With the rising demand for remote working, online engagement, and online service provision. It is time to open up and reach out to several platforms that can sell your skills and projects to people who require them.

This opportunity particularly works for people who are into graphic design, illustration, photography, UX and UI etc. Explore numerous marketplaces where your works can be resold to make recurring returns.

Selling your skills as a freelance can also entail creating courses that cover topics in your niche on websites like Udemy. You can also create courses on the different consultation areas for some of your clients who cannot afford your direct services. This way, they pay, learn, and do the work themselves.

The larger market place for podcasts is still untapped. If you have got what it takes to teach and motivate people through talking, then please do that right away.

The best are not the strongest, but the ones with high adaptability.

The milk is spilled already, but we still have the plate. True! The COVID-19 pandemic has left many freelancers in a state of confusion. But it has also created and is still going to create several other niches for our merry-go-round to continue.

The adjustment is not going to be easy as a freelancer, but history has always repeated in the same rhythm of bouncing back to be more resilient and enriched. If this is the case, the best is to prepare beforehand so that you don’t lose your spot in the incoming rush for competitive spots. And all the while, stay positive. You don’t have to be unfair to yourself in an unfair world.

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