40 helpful resources for freelance writers

40 Helpful Resources for Freelance Writers

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When you decide to take the leap, you may not be fully prepared for the rigors of freelance writing. However, learning from experienced and successful freelancers is the best way to get started and get to the top. 

Whether you’re an independent freelancer or you work for an agency, you must keep learning and stay updated on how to run your business. And with the vast wealth of information out there, it is sometimes difficult to know what resources are helpful and which are not. 

To point you in the right direction, we have curated a list of 40 helpful resources for freelance writers: books, courses, and podcasts into this Google sheet.

Whether it is for fresh insight, stories and anecdotes, or actionable, handy tips, we believe these 40 resources will add significant value to your freelancing journey. 

You do not need to use all the resources. Scroll through, and choose wisely depending on where you are in your journey.

Make good use of the ones that matter to you and implement them in your freelance business. 

Click here to access the list of 40 helpful resources for freelance writers.

We would love to keep this list up to date, so feel free to share any great resources you have discovered for yourself, and we’ll add it.

40 Helpful Resources for Freelance Writers

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